2 bucks a quart for mobil one 0w 30

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Oct 25, 2002
Coeur d alene Idaho
I just picked up 12 quarts of mobil 1 0w 30 for 2 dollars a quart and 12 quarts shell rotella synthetic 5w 40 for 1.50 a quart a wall mart. I am going to do 7500 mile drain intervals (highway) with them both. Hope the 0w 30 holds up good.
Excellent price!!! I have 3 Wal-Marts in my local area and only one of them had the sale prices. They have discontinued both the Shell Rotella 5/40 and the M-1 0W30 so they had the gallons of Shell for $5.00 and the quarts for $1.50. They were charging $1.50 for the M-1 0/30 also. I declined the purchase of the M-1 because it isn't a fluid that I'd ever use but I did buy a few gallons of the Shell Rotella 5/40.
I knew that stupid Wally-World would discontinue a grat oil like Rotella 5w-40!!! I was there about a week and a half ago and its was $12 a gallon! Which Wal MArt did you go to? Or rather, was it in Atlanta? Im gonna go tommorrow and clean em' out!
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