2.5 Subaru engine and GC

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Oct 4, 2005
Charlotte Metro area
NO drop in mpg, just quieter running. I just did a 600 mile trip, running 75-80 and got 32 mpg, just like always. Ran 85-92 coming back, mpg dropped to 30, just like always. Found more GC when I got to my destination, and added to my stock. I only have a few oil changes of GC hoarded, but, that might last me nearly 30000 miles! By then, perhaps the GOLD will have proven it's mettle.
Good for you... my Subaru 2.5 (2002 Impreza TS, SOHC) took a definite mpg hit running GC versus M1 0W-30.

I wish it were as simple as "All N brand engines get better mileage with X brand and weight of oil"... real life is much messier.
What model Subaru are you driving? I have a Legacy Outback with a 2.5l engine (non turbo) and I get 28-29 mpg at 75 mph -- at its best.

Just curious. I'll be running Gold GC this coming spring and summer. I'm thinking of running a combination of 3 qts. of GC and 1.5 qts. of Syntec 5w-20 to lower the viscosity to approx. 11 CST at 100C. Maybe being a little thinner at operating temperatures might keep the mileage the same.

Bob A.
It's a Saab 9-2X, which is an E25 engine in an Impreza wagon with a slightly different front suspension and front fascia. Manual transmission. REALLY impressed with this setup. Adequate power with good economy...which didn't change when I switched to GC.
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