1st US ebola death happens on eve of Blood Moon...

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If only he had waited, then I'd be all like, "oooooooh, spooky." As it happens, there's an All Hallows Eve, but no such thing as all blood moon's eve. cheers
Look back to the 162-163 AD blood moons followed by a plague that is drawing parallels to the four blood moons all falling on specific holidays. As always keep your eyes peeled, something may be near.
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lol! nice try... I'd say strictly coincidental. Q.
It happened AFTER the blood moon that we had last night...
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Lots of deaths across the world today,and tomorrow too.
And the day after that too! Egad! shocked2 Coincidence? I think not! ontome
This sounds like nonsense. However there is some question as to whether the comet Negra back in 666 was possibly the source of the bubonic plague virus. While it is likely that any pathogen was burned up in the atmosphere, it is a possibility that a virus trapped inside of thick rock embedded in the comet ice could have survived the trip past atmosphere and remained alive.
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That won't protect you from a contract virus.
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Is a contract virus like a contract killer? wink
Tekimira Pharmaceutical Corporation on Contract ?
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You might want to pick one of these up instead.
There's your million dollar idea - a respirator with an attached tinfoil hat, perfect for the latest health scare. wink
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