1st "normal" oil after Arx ok for UOA???

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
I recently finished my Arx trtment, both "clean" and "rinse" phases. After the end of "rinse" the oil was changed to GC, and that's what I'm planning to do my uoa on.(after only 3k miles, 'cause this is my 1st time with syn/GC). I was wondering: as this is the 1st "fresh" oil immediately after Arx, could there be residue from Arx and/or other contaminents resulting from Arx which can still be in the engine and can effect values of my UOA? (I didn't do any other "flushes" after the Arx-rinse, before changing to GC). I don't want to waste my money if this could be the case. I should also mention that what I want mostly from my uoa is to see if the car has an internal coolant leak:(coolant level has been dropping a tiny bit in the reservoir tank over the winter months) is it better to wait until the next oil change, and THEN do the uoa with THAT oil? would appreciate any comments/suggestions. Thanks.
if your worried about an internal coolant leak, I would do a UOA asap. forget about the wear values. a simple UOA would pick up the antifreeze. Besides, two oil changes of the same oil would be needed since you'll have some auto-rx and dino mixed in if you want an accurate UOA. since I have maxlife with my auto-rx, next run I'll have maxlife and will do a UOA anyway. [Big Grin]
you don't have to dump the GC. you can draw up a 6 oz sample to send in. then top off with fresh oil to bring up to full
Originally posted by Cutehumor: you don't have to dump the GC. you can draw up a 6 oz sample to send in. then top off with fresh oil to bring up to full
---------------------------------- Thanks a lot for the reply/idea; Can you tell me how to do that(drawing up the 6 oz)? I love that idea, that way I can keep the GC, and still get my (u)oa done... BTW, do I need 6oz. to do the uoa? is that the full amount of the bottle supplied by Blackstone? does it have to be full?
Originally posted by JohnBrowning: IF you think their is coolant get a UOA asap! DO not worry about the rest of the UOA!!
---------------------- !!! I only have about 700 miles on the GC... oil doesn't show any signs of coolant in it(dipstick inspection), and there aren't any other signs of a coolant leak either...like overheating/rough runnning etc...ONLY that little drop in the coolant resrvoir tank is my concern(drops about 1/2 inch in 3k miles, and started this winter). The T-bird (4.6L) has a low coolant level indicator(mine functions), and the level has actually never dropped low enough to trigger that light...but I'm concerned anyway. this sucks 'cause I don't want to dump the GC after 700 miles.
I'd forget trying to evaluate GC as a product. Save that for later. If you suspect a coolant leak, do it ASAP! Isn't the real, main purpose of uoa to head off any potential damage before it occurs??
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