1st change after break in, suggestions?

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May 17, 2003
Just bought an 03, Ford F250 Super duty, V10 motor. I have about 300 miles on it now, I think the break in is 500 if I am not mistaken. With this truck, I would like to stay with the same oil all the time. It does kind of scare me though, the manual calls for 5W20. That is almost water I think. I will use it, I assume the people that built it know what's best. So, for something so thin, is synthetic the ONLY way to go, or would a good dino, like Chevron Supreme be just as good, considering cost? Any help appreciated. Also, what do you think, 500 miles for the first change, or 1000? Thanks!!!
When breaking in I go 500, 1000 (1500 cumulative), and 1500 (3000 cumulative)...just seems to me a cautious and logical pattern. I would not use anything but a synthetic in the 5W20 class. I'm sure you'll get posts that will disagree, citing current oil technology, but I would be very uncomfortable recommending anything but synthetic to a guy (no pun intended) with a V-10 in a p/u. (I'm not excited talking about a 5/20 to you, but if that's what Ford says...) [I dont know] [ July 24, 2003, 09:12 PM: Message edited by: pscholte ]
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