1998 Acura Integra GSR: 100,000 Miles

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Sep 27, 2004
Just got a digital camera so I thought I would post some pics.

98 GSR and just hit 100,000 miles. Besides timing belt and water pump all I have had to replace is the clutch master cylinder. When I joined the site I tried some Auto RX around 80K. Just finished my second application to be safe and am on my rinse phase. Car runs Great!




Very nice car; I can tell you've taken care of it.......I'd like to race you in my VW.

What kind of oil/filter do you use & which engine does it have?
Thanks Wayne

Before I joined BITOG I used various DINOs with strict 3K changes. Alot of Castrol GTX.

I'm now on my second ARX application (First one at about 80K) and I plan to switch to Max Life Syn. I have used some of the Max Life dino for 3K changes and I thought it worked very well. I think the engine was very clean to begin with and now that I have done the ARX I'm hoping to end my oil safari...... stick with the ML Syn and never look back. I have heard great things about this oil. I have been using Napa Gold Filters. I bought a Mobil One the other day and might try that for my first change with the MaxLife Syn.

The motor is the 1.8L DOHC VTEC. What have you got?
Nice car, it's just just hitting its stride.

Had a white '94 GS-R until it was stolen with 167k miles on it. Great car, didn't have the money to replace it with a RSX-S so ended up with a Civic. Sure miss the 8100 redline. It'd been to 19 states and stuck in a couple snowbanks.

Other then Ground Control coilovers (great mod and with DIY installation isn't too much $$) and a home made filter on a stick it was stock. It was always fun crawling under the car to replace the oil filter which is why I changed oil every 5k. Never tested the oil (that was pre-BITOG) but it was using/leaking a quart every 2.5k when someone else wanted worse then I did.

My clutch master cylinder also went out but still had the orginal clutch. Only thing I didn't like about it was the weak a/c. 95+ sitting in traffic wasn't cool.
Thanks Cerbera!

I would love to get up to 175,000 + with this car.

I have an AEM SRI on this car and that is about it. I'd like to get a new header because mine makes a very annoying rattle at certain RPM points. I have been told by several Acura mechanics that this is typical.

I don't like crawline under the car at all. I don't like tight spaces and its tight. I usually jack up the driver side.

Right now I'm down about 1/2-3/4 of a quart every 3K miles. I think that is pretty good for this motor with over 100K.

The AC isn't great but I think that is true of all the Honda / Acura I have been in. Especially Civics and accords
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