1995 Ford Taurus Sluggish when warm.

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Feb 19, 2009
The Woods of NY
Quick question, what would cause my 1995 F.T 3.8L Automatic 96K miles to feel sluggish when warm? Not even like sluggish, because if you give 100% throttle, the car is fast, and acts 100% normal. When the car is cold, It runs great, and will run great for the whole trip 25+ miles one way, but it seems as when you turn off the car and restart it, then it runs sluggish right from there. Is there any sensors that i can clean/check/replace?

Give 100% throttle, and you can spin tires.

If you give 75% throttle, the car will rev high, and it feels as if i lost 4 cylinders.

Give it 50% throttle, and the car will almost be faster then giving 75%, then if you letup to 25%, The car then feels the fastest out of the 3..

Does not happen all the time, It is totally temperature dependent. 70F+, City driving makes it seem the worse.

Transmission is perfect, Just changed fluid and filter twice.

I use Pennzoil Platinum 5W30 and a Fl-400s Filter.

Ran cleaner with the gas.

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o2 sensor tired < or> bad gas in the summer forumlation changeover. Then a million other things. Make sure the oil is not overfilled; an extra 1/2 qt on many engines canm make it feel if someone attached an Camper to your bumper.
Check your EGR valve isn't sticking open. This will cause the car to be lazy, and it only is active once the engine is at full operating temperature. My partners Escord had this problem.

Try disconnecting it and running the car without.
Since it is temperature sensitive, check/replace your coolant temp sensor [the one for the computer, not the gauge], and the air temp sensor.
I'll go with either of the above. EGR was the first thing that came to mind. Most of my observed temp sensor failures (not personally experienced) were where the car didn't run right until operating temp. The one that I did experience didn't appear to alter operations at all ..cold or hot. It just defaulted to the fan running when unplugged (92 3.0 Mitsu with mopar controls).
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