1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT Coolant Analysis Neo 7822 miles & 151198 on car

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Jan 3, 2004
northern Alabama
1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1L V6 7,822 miles on Neo propylene glycol antifreeze 151,198 miles on car Thanks to Mark for the free Level 1 analysis. I had to sorta guess at the antifreeze concentration when the core was replaced. It appears I wasn't too far from 50%. I had also been curious about the GM tabs that turned everything nasty. History: 91,825 miles Drained factory coolant and filled with AMSOIL propylene glycol antifreeze 113,475 miles coolant changed with Prestone when intake manifold gasket was replaced 142,401 miles flushed radiator with 4 gallons of distilled water & NEO Radiator Cleaner & used AMSOIL antifreeze with NEO Keep Cool Water Treatment 143,376 miles replaced heater core 143,376 miles filled with NEO propylene glycol antifreeze 146,350 miles 5 pack of GM tabs added  - [ April 28, 2005, 10:44 PM: Message edited by: benjamming ]
Since I finally uploaded my Accord coolant UOA picture correctly, I thought I should upload this one correctly as well. Well, I was going to but Photobucket really sucks. I'll try again later.
5 GM tabs sounds like a lot. I usually add 2 (Barsleaks tabs) when I change the A/F on my 3.1 GM.
Them tablets are a joke along with all that other bars leak and rad stop leak [censored] all they accomplish is snotting up your rad/heater core makes a mess,seen it many times. fix it right with new IMG it's cheap and very easy repair,done enjoy your car.
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