1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT 150030 vehicle miles 21,420 miles OCI AMSOIL ATF

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Jan 3, 2004
northern Alabama
1994 Pontiac Grand Am 3.1L 4T60-E automatic 4-speed
75% Highway driving
Hastings filter
No make-up oil added
0.5 bottle ARX added at 146,963 miles 2.5 months ago
Sample taken Mar-5-2005
21,420 miles on oil - 13.5 months
150,030 miles on car
Blackstone did the UOA which is the 1st analysis on this transmission.

1st #: Current
2nd #: Universal averages

Aluminum: 12/15
Chromium: 1/0
Iron: 177/152
Copper: 71/120
Lead: 28/91
Tin: 2/5
Molybdenum: 0/0
Nickel: 1/1
Manganese: 0/2
Silver: 0/0
Titanium: 0/0
Potassium: 0/0
Boron: 54/71
Silicon: 9/31
Sodium: 11/12
Calcium: 205/115
Magnesium: 4/12
Phosphorus: 378/269
Zinc: 8/95
Barium: 0/2
Viscosity: 6.2 cst or 46.2 SSU
Water - 0.0/0.0/0.0
TAN - 1.3
Insolubles - Trace
Flashpoint - 415/ should be >355

Does anyone know the virgin TAN of this ATF?

Oil was changed at sampling with NEO ATF and a new Pioneer filter. 6 quarts is required to refill after the pan is dropped. The sample was taken as the pan was dropped.

87,101 miles factory fill pan dropped & changed with Coastal Dexron III & ATC filter
106,700 miles pan dropped & refilled with AMSOIL ATF & Deutsch filter
128,610 miles pan dropped & refilled with AMSOIL ATF & Hastings filter which is the current analysis

Any & all comments are welcome.
Looks like the auto-rx cleaned out a lot of stuff like iron and copper. Looks like you are taking excellent care of this car by changing this out. Wish I knew more about reading transmission analysis. I plan one on my Honda Accord at next 15,000 mile change.

I'm not going to do a full system flush even after adding the ARX. It ran about 3k miles & I guess 50-75% of system capacity is changed when the pan is dropped. I don't think it will harm anything even with the Neo fluid in there.
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