1992 GMC Serria?

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Nov 3, 2002
My friend is looking at one that I located (across the street).

5-sp, V6, 2WD, 122k. $1400. Relatively clean. He asked if I could dig up any info for him since he's taking a 800 mile trip in it within a week. Anything I should know?
From that there is really no telling if it is good for the 800 mile trip.

Overall, they are solid trucks. I'd mostly be concerned about rust. On a truck with that age and price, any number of issues could show up though. TBI fuel injection wasn't the greatest way of doing things and they sometimes get cantankerous when they get older.

Just about any part that breaks on those trucks can probably be found at a chain parts store.
Of all the beater trucks I've seen in the salt belt the GM 2wd 1/2 tons hold up the best. Naturally, 2wd is a "leave home in the snow" truck, vs a 4wd.

I would look at brake lines and cab mounts specifically. You can see sagging, rusted out cab mounts from a mile away if you follow the trim crease line across the door to the bed.

PA has strict state inspections... This thing pass?

certifying a 17 year old heap for 800 miles for a friend... now there's a sticky situation.
My dad had a 1990 Chevy 1500 W/T 4.3L, 5spd. Bought it new. Drove it until ~2004 and ~140Kmi. The only major issue all those years was we went through 3 5spd transmissions and had to replace the 'plastic' tube drive shaft with a custom fab'd steel unit (only on the long bed, reg cab, 2wd, 5spd). We went thru the factory and 2 supposed low mile used transmissions. They start to whine, not hold in gear, then go out all together. From what I've heard it's a bearing on an idler shaft that eventually lets loose on them. For all I know they could have improved this trans beyond 1990. He had the original clutch up to the last trans.

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I'd worry about cab/cab-mount area rust mainly. The 4.3's sometimes have intake gasket issues....might have been done if its 17 years old...
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