1992 Acura NSX, Red Line 10W-30, ~1400 miles/1 year

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Jan 10, 2008
As the title says, the car is a 1992 Acura NSX running Red Line 10W-30; the oil has about 1400 miles on it and was changed just at the one year mark. Nothing too exciting to see. I am sad that I drove the car so little in the last year. This was mostly city driving with days at the track sprinkled in. Very little makeup oil added, maybe half a quart. Seems to be trending nicely, I guess.

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Originally Posted by Marco620
I keep forgetting that the s2000 and NSX use 10w30.

Yeah.. the S2K actually mentions 0W-40 in the manual ("in the winter"), and I believe outside of the USA it was used year-round. I'm not sure about the NSX, in that regard. I use Red Line 10W-30 because it's pretty stout with a 3.5 HTHS, I believe. I wouldn't hesitate to run M1 0W-40 in any of my cars, in fact I just put it in the S2000 and will probably put it in the SC400, too, because I have a bunch in stock.
Was the NSX and S2000 the only cars Honda never back spec'd to 0W20? The TSX started out at 5W30 and ended up at 0W20.
I would never go backwards. If the original owners manual called for a 5/30, it gets that or 5/40. They back spec it for the dealers etc bc they want cafe fuel credits. F/that
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