1991 Camry cv axel dust cover?


near Buffalo, NY
It is old and has 300,000 miles on it, but I like it for a work car and taking the dog for rides. Besides the clunking old front suspension, the car still feels good and gets about 34mpg HGWY. I have no boat or camper, so this is like a pseudo-fun project that has me in for about $300 in the front end. The car in general is a good driver. I am replacing front struts, both axles, lower ball joints, control arm/sway bar bushings and outer tie rods right now. Pulling the old axles were hard, especially the passenger side with a mid shaft bearing. I cut that shaft in half to get it out, but when I ordered new ones I threw the old, ripped and leaking grease ones out....along with the inner dust covers by the differential. I thought the new ones came with all the same hardware, but they did not. I can't even find them on ebay. My question is are they really needed considering I am putting new seals in the differential too? I put the driver's shaft in before I realized I did not have a dust shield on it so I pulled it back out again. I can't imagine doing this all over again at a junkyard to another car that might be more rusty than mine, with no torches used. If they are needed, I 'll have to do something. Thanks for any advice.