1990 Toyota Supra

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Sep 8, 2003
San Diego, CA
What kind of oil would you guys recommend for a 1990 supra turbo with 144k miles on it? i was thinking mobil 1 10W40.. any other suggestions? thx.
Broke Driver, [Welcome!] You won't find M1 10W40...if that's the weight you like and you want a syn, I recommend Redline 10W40 for your engine, although if it were me, I'd go with their 10W30 if the engine is healthy and not using much oil. What weight does your owner's manual recommend?
The other question is do you want to go with synthetic or non-synthetic. You'll have to tell us how you drive and how often you want to change your oil. )
i think he wants to go synthetic. he drives pretty normally, but I would say alot of stop and go and up and downhills if that makes a difference. stalls on occaision since he just started stick so might need some extra lubrication for those times? (does that make a difference?) mello
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