1990 audi for sale

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Nov 21, 2003
lake city sc
My boss has a 1990 Audi hatchback he is selling for $700. It's a 5 cylinder with a manual trans and 92,000 miles on it. The only problem he's aware of is a leak somewhere in the drivers side that lets water drip into the floorboard. Is this a good deal for a beater to drive to work? Is there any problems with this type car I should know about before hand? Any help from the Audi junkies out there will be appreciated
Sixteen year old Audi and "good deal for a beater to drive to work" are almost mutually exclusive descriptions. Do you want to be late to work?

Now, the 5 cylinder engine is bulletproof, but the rest of the car isn't. The mileage is pretty low for the car's age, but many things just fail with age alone.

If the car has been maintained well, if no major repairs or maintenance is due, then it may be a good deal. How often is your boss late at work?

I recommend you go to audiworld.com and find the appropriate forum for your that car and ask the guys who know those cars and that engine best.
THe water leak may be something as simple as a clogged a/c or windshiled drain. Later Saab 900's were infamous for that. For $700, I'd buy it. But I am a sucker for projects. But c'mon. $700 for a running Audi?
It sounds good, 1990 is a desirable year. Probally needs a heater core...a total pain in the butt. Anyway, imo the older cars are better than the newer ones. BTW- it's a 20v with interferance drivetrain...always do the TB on time. The 10v motors have no such issue and I prefer them, however the Coupe' Quattro has the 20v. I had the sedan with the 20v, not my favourite but still quite good.
He didn't drive it. His son drove it for about 2 months but it wasn't COOL enough so he parked it. That was about a year ago. After he first got it the front end went out and he got a whole new front end and brakes for it. Also has a new alternator put on it.
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