1989 VW 1.8l oil requirements

Today I accidentally found my old Scirocco's manual. The oil chart is totally different from my '96 Audi's chart, and maybe it's interesting to some people with older Golfs, Jettas, and of course, Sciroccos. The chart shows suitable oil according to temperature range and oil type: A: multiviscosity oil, VW 501.01 5W-20/5W-30*: <-10 C 10W-30/10W-40: -20 to 15 C 15W-40/15W-50: -15 to >30 C 20W-40/20W-50: -10 to >30 C *Note: High RPM must be avoided when using 5W-20 and 5W-30 B: high performance motor oil, VW 500.00 Shows no weights listed, but a common temp range from <-30 to >30 C C: single weight oils, API-SF Note: Must be used only if other oils are unavailable. 10W: < 10 C 20W-20: -10 to 10 C 30W: 0 to 25 C 40W: 20 to >40 C
North Texas
I had a 1989 VW Jetta with the 1.8 4cyl engine in it. I bought it new and sold it in 2001 with 225,000 miles on it (I know the owner and its STILL running!). I used only 20w50 dino oil year-round and stuck with OEM filters (2000-3000 mile oil changes). Yes its mighty thick, but the oil sensors these cars use are very very picky and tend to go off when using anything in the 5wxx - 10wxx range. A minimum would be 15w40. Even for colder climates dont worry, stick with the thick oils. You might get a little ticking at startup but keeping your engine clean should take care of that. FWIW, i consistently got 30mph out of my jetta, and that was with some VERY hard driving. When i sold the car the engine was perfect, still got 30mpg and did not burn a drop of oil in its life! I never once had to open the engine block for anything. I did go through 2 head gaskets and one seal, but thats it. I also used dino 75w90 in the tranny and changed it approx once a year. Now if only the electrical system was as reliable as the engine and tranny!