1988 mitsu ATF ?'s

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Oct 21, 2013
Southern Ohio
So I just bought a mitsu Mighty Max 2wd truck. A/T, 2.0 liter stripped down truck. Has 98,000 miles. Bought it off of the original owner, an older man who only used it to drive to work before he retired years ago. The truck has been sitting with intermittent starts for 4 years. Obviously never used for towing, no scratches in the bed from hauling. Cherry. The question is this: the book calls for DEX II. So should I just use a regular old atf like ST dex/merc or should I use maxlife (which I love btw)? I guess i am worried that ML might be too "slippery" if thats possible, due to all of the friction mod additives, and the synthetic. Am I being stupid, or are my concerns valid? All suggestions and advice are appreciated, Thanks!
It'll be an Aisin-Warner unit, which will run fine on Dexron-III or Dexron-VI. Mine calls for Dex-III in the manual, but the dipstick and drain bolt has Dex-II engraved. I run Dexron-VI with a pint of LubeGard Red.
Dex II, sure an easy spec to meet and exceed nowadays. You like MaxLife already, go with it. I am in two Hondas specing Z1 and a 01 Tacoma specing Dex III. Too slippery? Nah. Just starts at a lower viscosity but is much more shear resistant/stable than older spec mineral based ATF's like Dex II/III. And now at AutoZone even not on sale, everyday price still an excellent value in the gallon jug.
So I think I will just do a drain and fill (has a bolt on the pan) with some cheap dex/merc and then drive a week or 2 and do a pan drop and filter and fill with ML. That way there will be more fresh fluid.
The Maxlife dex merc will be the finest fluid it will likely ever see. I like your idea of running some new fluid through it first before Maxlife. I would probably use Supertech DexronVI for the cheap flush first.
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