1980 Ford Truck :: Oil

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Aug 3, 2003
I have a question.

I'm driving a 1980 Ford F100 Pickup truck with a 302 w/ 159k miles it's time to change the oil.d I've never had to do it because i just bought the truck now my question is when i get around to changing it should i switch to synthetic oil or stick with the cheap cr*p? also since the owners manual is vague what weight of oil should i use? Im from the pacific northwest so its gonna be 30-40 degrees in the winter and 70-80 in the summer. Are there any additives you would recomend i add to my oil to increase the life of the engine and are there any specific brands i should use. Thanks
Run the high mileage Auto-RX treatment through it using MOBIL Delvac 1300 10W-30 or 15W-40.

Then one of the better 15W or 5W-40 oils and a BALDWIN B2-HPG oil filter. Or Mobil One 15W-50.

I use both LUBE CONTROL and FUEL POWER and especially recommend the latter -- has been great in my 1971 Chrysler. The LC is more of judgmental call (or consider using Dyson Analysis for advice as do I and a number of others around here for advice on that product and all else.)


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