1965 GTO

Far North East Texas
*Drool* [Patriot] [HAIL 2 U!] [Cheers!] The #1 car-I-always-wanted was a 1966 or 1967 GTO. Failing that, a '65 woulda been great too. [Big Grin] When I was a junior in high school(69-70), a local guy who was half-owner of a local machine shop had a great looking 65 with a blow engine- blue(we used to call it electric blue) with white vinyl interior, not a dent or mark on it. Beautiful car! I tried to buy it from him for *years*- he just wouldn't sell, kept saying he would swap in a new engine & fix it back up some day. But he never did. The paint finally gave up the fight with the gosh-awful hot Texas sun, the interior all split, cracked, & turned to trash, while the exteror turned to rust. Last time I saw it was around 1980-82, it was pitiful by then. Later I heard that it went for scrap. [Frown] Bless all real GTO's wherever they are! [bowdown] [ August 14, 2006, 11:15 PM: Message edited by: Stuart Hughes ]