18 Camry 2.5 (A25A-FKS) Small Oil Leak

Aug 30, 2004
For the last few services, there has been oil seepage from the valve cover gasket. But at the most recent service, I noticed the start of a small oil leak from the timing cover.

After some research, we learned the owner (friend of mine) has a 5/100 Toyota extra care warranty. $100 deductible and 2 days later, it was resealed by the dealer. The car has 94K.

If this car had been dealer serviced, they would not have been allowed to mention this issue to the owner.


I can’t believe this is happening to Toyota . supposed to be reliable
I owned an 84. 92, 96 [dads] and a 2006 pick up plus an 88 Camry. I like Toyotas the 96 and the 2006 were reliable . The others were no better than the ford pick ups I have owned
I can’t believe this is happening to Toyota . supposed to be reliable
A timing cover is typically 95% sealed by RTV…maybe a couple passages are I-rings and the crank seal. If RTV isn’t done right, it’s going to leak. I don’t think this is that abnormal, although it does stink to have to deal with if it were out of pocket. Hopefully the tech did a good job!

We have a fleet of pro masters and a few have been to the dealer (one this week with under 10k) for timing cover reseals under warranty.
Interesting. That is such a small leak I would have thought it was considered normal wear and tear. Nice that it was fixed under extended warranty though!
When I resealed the 03 Vibe timing cover the second time I made it dummy proof and put the seal around both the cover and across lower section of the block around 3 inches up the sides. One must be able to keep steady to get the side cover on without knocking off any sealant.
Man I'd hate to disturb everything just for that. Then you have to hope the dealer re-seal is as *good* as the factory job was. Then again, all it cost the owner was the deductible, so maybe it's worth the gamble.
That’s disconcerting. Will have to keep an eye out on mine (no extended warranty). Would be a shame, my 2AR-FE is still tight as can be (my 5S-FE is, erm, not). Fear of oil leaks was one reason I sent my Tundra on down the line.

I still think I’m going to bump up to 0W20 once out of warranty.
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