17’ Powerstroke oil

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I have the '15 F350 and have went by the IOLM since new, every sample has came back stellar. I don't haul the weight you do, but it is my work truck and I am loaded daily and I use 10w-30. I am currently at 71,xxx mi. without an issue. In your situation I wouldn't completely rule out a 10w-30, but your oil temps will tell you more than anyone can tell you here. If you're hauling heavy in the mountains then a 40 wt. would suit you best. I use the Deere Plus 50 II 10w-30, they also offer a 15w-40 & 0w-40, and its still CJ-4. I have all of my UOA's posted in the HDEO UOA section on here.
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As far as weight do I go with a 15w40 or 5w40 ? Also do I go by the OLM or mileage ?
Does the owners manual say either 5w40 or 15w40 for "severe", or is it still just 5w40? I'd go by owners manual while under warranty just in case you have an issue, but sure either 5w40 or 15w40 would both be good for your heavy loads. Only time I'd shy away from 15w would be cold temps, or extended idling in cold to moderate temps. Started my truck one time in subzero with 15w40 in her, and sound was horrible - will never do that again. FWIW, my guess on the only reason owners manual may say 5w40 (as opposed to either 5w40 or 15w40) for "severe" is because they broadly define "severe" as including subzero temperatures, which shouldn't be an issue in your area.
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There are a lot of oils on that Ford spec approved list! If I had invested in a new Powerstroke that I was going tomuse for heavy hauling I'd go with the Lubrication Engineers Monolec Super Syn Heavy Duty Engine Oil 5w40. Probably the best, and most expensive, oil on the list. I'm a Powerstoke driver myself (1996 7.3l) and I can't help but ask what it was that made you switch to Ford after the Duramax gwve you such good service? I like that Ford is making their own Diesel engines right here in the USA.
I am now a Cummins guy, 2011 Ram 3500 4x4 Laramie, no issues, great rig. I used to own a 2002 F350 4x4 with the 7.3, made for Ford by International. Great truck,great motor, ran like a top and easy to work on. I know the engines in the New Ford Trucks are made by Ford and are much different in many ways compared to my old 7.3. I mostly used the MC 15w40 oil, 5 quart jugs from WM with no issues. The MC oil was made for Ford by Conoco Phillips, I am guessing that is still true. There are many good oils available, I would say as long as it is Ford Approved and the correct oil is being used for climate temps, OCI's and the correct oil filter is used, you should be good. In my 2011 Ram, I run the Shell Rotella T6 5W40, another great oil.
Agreed. No real need for the LE stuff I mentioned. All the oils on the list will work just fine.
I use CenPeCo 15-40 Dino from April- November....then 5-40 Synthetic during our cold months. Like what was stated, with the loads you haul...in the Texas heat, I personally would lean towards 15-40. A local diesel specialist uses 15-40, while a different shop owner uses 5-40...both Cenpeco. My nephew works for a privately owned lube shop,they use 15-40 Delo on all diesels they service.
According to the manual it says 5w40 for severe duty and 5w40 or 15w40 for biodiesel blend up to 20%.I have yet to see diesel that is not a bio blend so I wonder why Ford is all over the place with there oil recommendations.
Bio-diesel blends vary greatly state to state depending on mandating a blend within a state. I am in OH and bio blends are not mandated, it can be found if you know where to look.
Yes the manual states 5w40 or 15w40 for bio blends, depending on temperature. Yes the manual states 5w40 for severe use. Yes you should follow the manual during warranty. With use you described, a 5w40 fits. Pick one off of the approved list and drive. After warranty... well, lets say there are a few that believe a 10w30 is just fine, in spite of Ford's recommendation/requirement about bio and towing. 10w30 is the factory fill, and I doubt that any dealer is going to bring the vehicle in right off the delivery truck and switch to another oil for the local area if the fuel is bio laced. Locally, the dealership uses 10w30, because that's what's on the fill cap, and the manual is ignored. Same at Valvoline Instant OMG. Now I'm not one to be an outlaw grin , I'm a straight up law abidin' citizen, but I would not be a bit surprised if my sump was currently filled with Delo 15w30 and running this fuel in the tank.
I did not know that.I thought that all diesel went to bio when they ULSD came out to supplement for lubrication.Glad to hear that your 15’ is doing good at 70k,it gives me hope for mine.
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I’m thinking of going with Phillips 66 fleet supreme 15w40 since I can get 5 gallons for $47.
It's on the list, so rock on. 5 gallons for 47, would be a really good deal. But this is one example of the confusion. Ford says no dual rated CK-4/SN oils, but this oil fits that description exactly. It does specifically call out the Ford WSS-M2C171-F cert, so good to go. Fleet EC
I would run T5 10w30 or Delo 10w30 and be done. That's whats going in my new CTD. Worked great in my previous 2015 F350 6.7L and 2006 6.0L F250.
Yeah,it used to be $35 a gallon when it was CJ4 but they raised the price when the switch happened.I just dont want to pay premium price for a 5w40 at a 7000 mile oil change since long drain intervals are not recommended on this motor.
Ended up going with Rotella T4 15w40 for the first fill at 8400 miles.Didnt have the time to go to the ConocoPhillips distributor this time,but hoping I can get some for the next time.
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