16th Annual Advanced Engine Technology Conference

Southern NJ
http://www.aetconline.com/information/speakers/ I bet this would be a nice event to attend. Roy Howell is a speaker their.
Roy Howell has been involved in the development of lubricants for 25 years. He is a graduate of Wabash College with a Master's Degree in Chemistry from Cornell. After graduating he joined Union Oil Research and worked in lubricant development for three years. He then joined the Lubrizol Corporation which is the predominant supplier of lubricant and fuel additives which are sold to major oil companies worldwide. In 1986 he joined Red Line Synthetic Oil Corporation and has been the Manager of Product Development for 18 years. He has a fundamental understanding of fuels and lubricants from his experience at Union Oil and Lubrizol and has helped lead Red Line in developing the high-performance line of synthetic lubricants, fuel additives, and cooling system treatments.