15W40 HDEO on Royal Enfield Bullet CI 350

Dec 1, 2021
I am from the southern part of India and the temperatures are between 20c (68F) to 38c (100F). The recommended oil for RE 350 is 15W50 or 20W50.

The clutch and gear boxes are seperate and hence I'm interested in trying out Heavy Duty Diesel Engine oil.

Does 15W40 CH-4 / CI-4 / CJ-4 HDDEO oil like Shell Rimula, Mobil Delvac pose problems? There are no 15W-50 or 20W-50 in HDDEO category.
See my post in your other thread. Feed your clutch an MA or MA2 oil. The engines aren't too picky. Gotta love the oil filters. Good enough to stop a sock. :ROFLMAO: