15W30 revisited

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Jun 3, 2003
BC, Canada
Launched August 5th 2014 Chevron Delo 400 SD 15W30 CJ-4/SM.
My guess is that it does not contain VIIs, but is a group 2 and 2+ blend.
I wonder if is available? If so I'll be 1st in line.
After reading the spec sheet from Delo, it seems clear they are primarily targeting the local pickup and delivery commercial truck market with this oil. Lots of P&D fleets are using the "if the truck is not moving, or in traffic, then shut it off" policy. And Chevron made it clear up front that this is the market they are targeting with this oil. Like the UPS delivery guys who shut the van off at every stop off along with YRC, Con-way, etc local P&D stuff.
Maybe I'll give this a try on the next OCI. Just put RT6 in a minute ago, so it will be a while.
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It would probably have HD industrial applications. Most diesel vehicles I know that spec a 30 use 10W30.

Nope, calls for SAE30/40 that's what's going in, lot of times older diesels use oil pressure for the governor, multi weight oils won't run right, if it's a Detroit Diesel 2 stroke will suck up multi weight oil into the air boxes and exhaust ports.

15w30 gives a cost savings over 15w40 in fuel usage, if it's 1-2% more efficient fleets jump all over this.
Probably not. The claim by Chevron on the data sheet says comparable efficiency to 10w30 and only .7% more efficient over 15w40. Several fleets are already on 10w30. Even Detroit is factory filling the DD15 and DD13 with 10w30 now. SafetyKleen, Delo, Rotella, Schaeffer, and a host of others have really gotten in to the 10w30 HDEO scene in a real big way. I know of three larger than 500 semi truck fleets that have totally converted to 10w30 in the last two months.

Maybe the P&D fleets like I mentioned,might take a stab at the product, because Chevron, according to the data sheet, is primarily targeting this at those guys. But with solid 10w30 HDEO's already going after that market, it will be a stretch to see the 15w30 make much of a dent. It will all depend on product cost. It will have to show lower cost just for the product alone, as the efficiency case is hard to make.
I wonder how long it will take for RDS and M/E to jump on the grade "officially" as one person put it?
Other licencees to Chevron's base oil process such as the PetCan brand of Suncor, already sort of have it in their single grades.
For example, PetCan's TO-4 SAE30 shows cold cranking and flow data, as well as Brookfield viscosity values that are 15W.
Their SAE30 Duron is a slightly lighter product, has a higher VI, HTHS of 3.5 and likely would pass a 10W test when new.
The beauty of Chevron's product is that it is SM licensed.

That means the engine oil is compatible with automotive seals and gaskets, but not especially E85 "resource conserving" as SN states.

Chevron's product is not likely friction modified and should be suitable in transmissions where an engine oil is specified and wet-clutch compatible.

The obvious down side is that it is only 15W, not good enough for winter in Canada.
I'd use it in a heartbeat...

As an aside, I think I can get ahold of some old (like 1987/88) Shell XMO-was their premium oil back then in Australia and a 15W30...not sure of the XHVI status, the it's replacement "XMO -Hi" was XHVI.
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I wonder how long it will take for RDS and M/E to jump on the grade "officially" as one person put it?

That's hard to say, and, noting you comment on Canadian winters, I'd wager that Imperial Oil will have nothing to do with the grade. When it comes to the PCMO side, they don't offer anything heavier than a 10w-30, aside from the Euro and the motorcycle type oils (and perhaps racing lubes). On the HDEO side, they already have the monograde 30, along with two versions each of HDEOs in 10w-30 and 15w-40. Delvac Elite 222 0w-30 and Delvac 1 ESP 5w-40 are already about as cheaply priced as one could ask for, synthetic or conventional.

Beyond that, Delvac 1 ESP 5w-40 and Delvac 1 LE 5w-30 cover just about every modern diesel spec under the sun. The only benefit I could see is as you suggested - if a monograde 30 really wasn't a monograde, and one wanted to be really accurate in labeling. I don't know if they'd want to alienate the loyal monograde customers though, either, even though that segment isn't terribly large.
Makes me wonder if it is the 15w-40 without as much of the viscosity improvers or a straight 30 with pour point depressants.
CT8, that's a good question that I was pondering too.

Had my head in gear oils lately, and you can make an 80W90, or an 85W140 still with a VI of 95-105, i.e only concentrating on the Cold end performance.

Chevron COULD IMO do the same here, and the high flash point indicates a trend, but with a VI of 127, I'm thinking they've got a little VII in there as well.
Originally Posted By: used_0il
Free used oil analysis with the purchase of Delo 15W30.
How cool is that?

That's cool! I get free oil sample kits and analysis also when I buy a stock of Schaeffer oils for my vehicles and equipment. About time one of the other big name brands did it!
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