15W-40 home blend

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Oct 28, 2002
Everson WA - Pacific NW USA
I know enough to be dangerous...cars, houses, women, oil, you name it. I know blending your own is somewhat verboten aqui.... I have been considering mixing full syn Amsoil 15W-40, 50/50 with a premium dino 15W-40. Perhaps Delo. To save money, to say I did it and just to be myself, if in a creative way. My car is old....it is surviving OK, I just am entering period where every cent counts. I need candidates for the dino oil. For some reason I have the urge to get moly in the mix. Maybe one of the Schaefer's numbered products....I know Delo doesn't have moly. Do any of the other 15W-40's? Wisecrax? Comments? Aspersions?
Originally posted by Pablo: Wisecrax? Comments? Aspersions?
I prefer the buffered form of aspersions myself. [Big Grin]
That's funny, I prefer buffered wisecrax! [LOL!] I'm dying to try and make a batch of Biodiesel and I have no use for diesel. I feel your pain Pablo. [ September 03, 2003, 05:57 PM: Message edited by: GROUCHO MARX ]
Pablo: Valvoline Premium Blue 15W-40 also has moly; not as much as the Pennzoil LL, but some (I think 88 ppm). I know Valvoline gets a bad rap on this board, but on paper the Premium Blue is probably their best conventional oil. Usually pretty cheap at Wally World, too. I'm running some in a '91 744T and an '85 245 N/A right now.
I have done it before and so have many others. The thing that is missing is UOA showing it is OK. I say go for it. I would sample the oil at 3000 then 6000 just to play it safe! The only thing that would make me a bit nervious is useing different brands of oil. Right now I have 3 quarts of 10W30 Chevron Supreme and 1 Quart of Mobil-1 15W50 in an engine. I will be testing it soon. I am waiting for 5 months or 5000 miles to test it. [ September 03, 2003, 08:06 PM: Message edited by: JohnBrowning ]
I am really beginning to discover that the oil selection in the PNW sucks really BAD. No can do on the Pennz LL 15W-40. I'll keep looking for that and the Valvoline - we have this auto chain called Shuck's, then there is WalMart, Fred Meyer, Costco, Kmart....and they barely have any oils....
Pablo, I'm kind of surprised Schucks doesn't have it...they are in the same family as Checker and Kragen auto stores (we have Checker and they have a fairly decent selection of oils [they don't carry u know what though])...when I am in there the next time I will see if the Checker member of the family has the Pz LL.
got a GI JOES up your way?? They have it there and at the Schucks Wharehouse ...just have your local store order it.....I am Planning on giving the LL a try myself ...after all I believe I have proved beyond a doubt that Mobile one works very well in my car with a Gulf Coast bypass.
It seems to me that since diesel oils have stronger A/W pkgs to begin with than gasoline oils, that moly isn't all that important to get in there in huge amounts. With all the other protectants in high numbers, is there a reason why you want moly in particular? I'm thinking of doing the same thing in my older, N/A Saab, but using a thinner syn for better pumping during Northern Colorado winters. Maybe 0W/5W-30.
Originally posted by Pablo: --snip-- I have been considering mixing full syn Amsoil 15W-40, 50/50 with a premium dino 15W-40. Perhaps Delo. To save money, --snip For some reason I have the urge to get moly in the mix. Maybe one of the Schaefer's numbered products.... -snip-
I'm with John and am worried about mixing brands in particular. Always a potential problem, now if you are intent on doing it anyway, and know the dangers, then go for it... Maybe use a good gas/diesel like delo or Rotella or whatever. Mixing MOLY can be dangerous because it would be too easy to over-mix it, and it does like to be in balance, it will fight fro AIR time to have contact with the metal, and you could be doing yourself a big dis-service. I say this because I wanted to do the same thing and make my blend, even though I have a fantastic oil, I wanted more moly, and I found out after speaking with an oil engineer, that does work for all the big players (ALL of them) and after we talked for a long long long time I took his advice and decided not to make any changes. In the end, I asked him about a couple synthetics then I asked him about a couple dinos and he told me if I had access to them then fine, otherwise if I was going to get my oil from an auto-supply store, to stick with M1.
Mixing oils is a common practice may not be the best but it won,t hurt I have seen "when I was working" big trucking companies change brands with the management . The big diesel engines ran and ran .There are only so many additive companies and zinc is zinc.
Do you have a Cummins dealer in your area? They all carrry the Valvoline Premium Blue. Try any diesel stop too. If you can find Chevron Delo 400 that should be great too.
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