15-40 recycled oil

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Dec 18, 2004
Birdsboro Pa.
I was doing a job at the Lancaster Pa. Post Office maintaince building the other week and asked the mechanic what oil they used. Yup,15-40 recycled oil All Year Round. He was working on a cylinder head that dropped a seat. The head internals were shiny-bright with zero varnish. Understand, this was the only engine there I actually looked at but it sure was clean inside. I know a lot of large fleets use recycled oil, but was a little suprised they did'nt run 10-30 for the winter. It must be working for them. My 92 Astro van likes 15-40 in the summer,but definitely likes 5-30 in the winter.
The oil pressure is definitely higher with the 15-40. My astro van oil pressure guage has marks without numbers between H and L. I did replace my sending unit on the engine so everything seems to work correct. I'd guess 5-10 psi higher throughout the range with 15-40. Its going down to 10 deg. tonight. The engine turns over so much better with 5-30.
Used engine oil can't be worse than crude oil from the ground. W/ used oil, at least you know what you are getting into.
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