15,000 OCI

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Jan 28, 2004
Whoops...I dropped the ball on oil change on my son-in-laws corrolla 1.8 liter...By a major error on my part his car went 15000 miles on M1 10w30 and a supertech filter..Jan to july... [Eek!] What damage have I done???? He dumped the drain pan into my 5 gallon waste oil bucket befor I could get a sample for analysis,opprotunity lost there....It's now got RP 5w30 in it...Should I do a normal 6k change or do it sooner for what purpose I don't know???? Any thoughts,other than I'm an idiot... [Duh!]
I wouldn't worry much about it for two reasons: 1) Corrollas are notoriously tough. It takes a lot more than that to kill them. They are also easy on oil, so you may actually be able to push your regular drain interval to 15,000 with M1. 2) M1 10w-30 is one of the best oils on the market. There is a good chance that the oil was still within its usefull life by our classifications. After all, this is the reason why we pay $5 per qrt of PAO based synthtics.
If the engine is in good shape and he doesn't do a lot of short trips, I bet that interval was completely safe. It sure would've been interesting to see a UOA on it though, it's too bad you didn't get a sample of it. [Frown]
I owned one of these. It looks like 15,000 miles in 6 months would include extended highway driving. Oil in an internal combustion engine has to deal with blow-by (combustion byproducts). This is directly related to the amount of fuel burned in engine. Combustion contamination is the primary reason oil needs to be changed as frequently as it does. The Corolla burns relatively little fuel per mile travelled and it holds about 4 quarts of oil to contaminate. I'd say you're OK and haven't reached the point where premature wear starts. You can check inside the oil filler for deposit formation. Also on that engine, look at the dipstick. Neglected engines seem to form deposits above the oil level. [ July 27, 2004, 10:59 AM: Message edited by: tpi ]
I for one second TPI's comments. 15K miles in 7 months translates into a lot of driving, and that is M1's forte. Highway miles have significantly less wear and tear on an engine oil as opposed to short ranges and frequent idleing. 15K would surely be pushing it, but I wouldn't loose any sleep over it. Plus, as others have mentioned, that Toyota engine is dang near bullet proof.
My sister, who isn't much for maintenence, almost always runs her cars 10,000-13,000 miles on M-1 5W-30 & 10W-30 and Fram filters (yuck). She has done that since 1998 with no issues, and around ~130,000 miles of using that practice. She hasn't had an engine get bad, yet. She usually drives her cars from about 75,000-150,000 miles. I don't encourage that OCI with her excessive idle time, very hard driving and lack of automotive care, but it has worked with Mobil-1!!
Well it's good to hear that 1 the engine is durable,2 M1 is that good and 3 it's not my car.. [Big Grin] just kidding......I guess the real tragedy here is I didn't get a dang sample and see how much the oil had left....
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