15 000 miles on Amsoil 5W20

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Sep 27, 2010
Ontario, Canada
Hi guys.

Yesterday I took an oil sample from my Hyundai Sonata 2.4l. The oil done 24 000 kms (15 000 miles) ...my longest run so far.
I will post the results when available.

My maintenance plan is to do only one oil change a year using Amsoil sig series 5W20.
Originally Posted By: wemay
The 2009 wasn't GDi, correct?

Correct, which should help a lot with the 15K OCI.
Amsoil oil filter.
I'm doing 15 000 mile oci on both my 2009 Hyundai Sonatas 2.4l.

Both at 15 000 miles now on Amsoil. In my other Sonata, GL, I used the Fram Ultra with Amsoil 0W20 mixed with 1 lt on Amsoil 5W30.

Will be interesting to compare the two UOA results.
Should be good.
I got the results of the 15 000 miles UOA report today!

After formating the numbers in a report i can submit, i will post it.

Cu: 0
Fe: 18
Cr: 0
Al: 3
Pb: 0
Sn: 0
Si: 10
Na: 30 ( dont know why so high)
K: 1
Mo: 131
Ni: 0

Ca : 3199
P: 625
Zn: 717
Mg: 22
Ba: 0
B: 50 ( abit low...?)

V100: 9.9
TBN: 2.1
TAN : 1.85

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