'14 Odyessy 70k - which grade 5w30 vs 20w50

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Mar 19, 2011
Originally Posted By: Falcon_LS
Because you are using synthetic oil for the protection it provides, not extended oil changes. Sure, Honda can go ahead and recommend 10,000 km drain intervals to sell their cars, because less maintenance is a selling point anywhere in the world, but you cannot compare Malaysia to the likes of Kuwait or Saudi. That is apples to oranges. Four days ago, we had an ambient of 144 F, the heat kills everything in short order here. Picture this - an ambient of 130 F and extremely fine widespread blowing dust that gets caught in the radiator fins, you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for 45 minutes to commute 10 miles with the AC on full blast. Your cylinder head temperatures an optimistic average of 218 F - 222 F, your electric fan kicks in at high speed with reduced efficiency due to dust and works even harder, putting a load on your already burdened electrical system. You get up to 10 MPH to move 60 ft and stop again. Add horrible fuel quality to the equation and you have a disaster.
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