13k mile oil change on 89 honda crx

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Oct 14, 2014
Seattle, WA
So I just bought a 1989 honda crx, and when I got it the guy told me he had just changed the oil and I trusted his word. Well I drove about 4k miles and took it into my local lube shop (Grease Monkey) because i had a coupon and they told me it had been 14k miles since that car was last in and it still had their Mighty brand oil filter on it. The oil also came out very dark and thick. I had them change it but I am wondering if I should be doing anything else? Change the oil more often a few times? Use some kind of cleaner? I bought the car for its gas mileage ( 46-50mpg) to save money but if this did damage and I have to pay lots of money to fix it, it will be very counter productive. Yes I should have changed the oil when I bought it, but I didn't. Can anyone offer some advice? Also can anyone offer any insight to what kind of oil/ oil filter I should use? I saw a deal at o'Reilly for 5qts of valvoline high mileage and a cheap oil filter for 26.99$. Car currently has 294k miles. And i drive about 500 miles a week to and from work. Thank you!
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What's done is done - changing oil more often will not change what happened. However, you still don't know when the oil was last changed since it could have been done at another outlet, or at home, or it might not have been done at all. For that car with that mileage I wouldn't worry - the D series engine is pretty robust so your suggestion of oil/filter would seem appropriate.
Honda engines of that era are bomb proof so I wouldn't panic too much As for what oil you need, look in your owners manual or tell us what engine it is so we can find the info for you. ODI wise I would halve the manufacturer recommended drain interval to clean the engine rather than using engine flush. At that mileage and not knowing the history you don't want to release too many deposits at one time, letting the oil do it gently over time is the safest way.
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D15B6 is the engine. It is the HF model. I just found oil at Walmart for way cheaper. Should I just go with a cheap Fram then? And I do have a small oil leak currently.
run maxlife + fram orange can for (2-3) 5k OCI and see if the leak goes away, maxlife will definitely clean your engine up during that interval!
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If you are driving mostly highway , i think you are ok. A high mileage oil might be a good idea as it does clean a bit.
At 294 K and 500 miles a week, you will not likely have to worry about it too long.
Wait a minute, 2014 minus 1989 = 25 year old ride. Are there not other things that need attention??? Ok, lets assume and you all know how assume goes that the tranny may have aged some too, but no one in his right mind will change that tranny fluid if it is an automatic, rule of thumb, it most likely will fail if you change it.
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Ok so now this is getting off topic, but should I be worried about buying a rebuilt engine/trans? I cannot afford to get a new ride because I just bought a house about 7 months ago and I have my first baby due in less then 2 weeks. Talking about tranny failures is kinda scary to me, as I am not very mechanically inclined. I can build a whole house, but fixing a car is not really one of my expertise. BTW it is a manual transmission. And about 86 of my 96 mile trip is highway. Other 10 is to and from the interstate.
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Personally, I'd just dump Rislone Engine Treatment Concentrate in there for the full OCI and call it good.
I had an 86 CRX. I seem to remember a sticker under the hood saying that the recommended OCI was 7500 miles. This was when everyone else still insisted on 3000 mile OCIs. If they could run 7500 mile OCIs back then, I seriously doubt that 14K on a modern oil hurt anything. I'd just run your normal OCI and not worry about it. I guess you could do 1 or 2 short OCIs if it makes you feel better, but it's probably not necessary.
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