1344 fits new 4 cyl Accords

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May 24, 2003
Baltimore area
I just put the larger Napa 1344 (Wix 51344) on my '03 Accord 4 cyl. Fits just fine. I had only changed oil once before and I thought I remembered there being minimal space there for a larger filter, but I was wrong. There is plenty of space. So now I've got to buy a load of those Wix filters before they stop making them.
Besides being about an inch longer, the only other difference I noted is the gasket is listed at .148" instead of .233" thickness. I guess as long as the can doesn't bottom out, you should be fine. You might keep an eye out for oil drips for a couple days just in case. I wouldn't expect a problem however.
The Wix #51334 has about 115 sq/in of media. The Wix #51344 has about 170 sq/in. The #51334 is one of those Wix filters in which the filter element is actually one-half of the size of the can it's in. I've been using the #51344 for Honda and Subaru engines with no fitment or leakage problems. Thanks.
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