$120 Oil Change for a Chrysler Crossfire?

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Mar 14, 2005
Attleboro, Massachusetts
My neighbor ( who knows even less about cars than I do, if that is possible) bought a new Chrysler Crossfire a few months ago. (If I have to hear about its top speed one more time I am going to scream). Anyway, he told me that his dealer was going to hit him up for $120 for an oil change ( filter included!!!). I know that he would need a good ILSAC-5 synthetic, etc, but that seems like a ridiculous price! He asked me whether I thought he was "getting screwed" (He should have asked before he bought the darned car) and I said that he should grill his dealer as to what the breakdown of charges would be. They told him that he needed a "special Group-5 oil" (I am not making this up) and I really had to laugh. Are they just yanking his chain or what?
Find out more if you could and the specific dealer. I'd love to call these guys and BUST their chops. [Wink]
Well, I checked the books and it calls for 8.5 quarts of Mobil 1 0w-40 and a cartridge oil filter (more than likely the $20 fleece one). So $6*9+$25=$79+$30 (labor)=$109. So $120 is about right, though I personally think that $100 would’ve been more reasonable. Mike
Tell him not to pay it. Buy the oil and take it somewhere. Can have it done for $50 probably if he does it himself. What a scam.
Buster, Reread my previous post. Even if he did it himself, it would have cost him $60-$70 in parts alone. Mike
About $70 if he did it himself. I would never spend that much for an oil change.
Doug, I might start black marketting the M1 oils. Local dealer chrges $67 for nun40, and $56 for Delvac 1.
What's also important to point out here is that MB requires the filter to be made of a fleece media, which is significantly more expensive. However, I dunno what's Chrysler's policy on this. Mike
What is Chrysler asking as an OCI for their 8.5 quart synthetic sump fill and special filter? 18,000 miles would make it cost equivelent compared to say 6 $20 oil changes on dino if someone is having a shop do the oil change, but it seems as though he should probably do his own oil changes. I doubt this is the case however.
Looks like the MB Mercedes blending has been succesful. Now we have Chrysler name taggs with Mercedes maintenance bills. [LOL!]
Probably a fair price considering the type and amount of oil required. My concern would be WILL THE DEALER USE THE HIGH TIER SYNTHETIC OIL & FILTER or just some "no name stuff" out of a barrel
This is an engine made solely by the Mercedes Group. Some MB dealers have a policy of stocking only fleece filters. I'd be surprised if the dealer used anything other than the recommended Mobil 1 0W-40 (factory fill). Two of my friends have this engine (ML320 & SLK320). It costs me $65 in parts to change the oil, so Michael Wan and buster are pretty much on the money - literally. I usually recommend M1 5W-40 to my friends because of the consensus from this site and the popular availability of this grade. MB uses a FSS oil life monitoring system to determine OCI, but the newer engines will do away with the FSS and simply go to a 13K OCI across the board.
I'd pay and not worry over it. My oil changes cost over $50 on my truck when I do them myself . . so what? A tank of fuel runs me over $70 this week. If that is the book procedure on the car, then that is the price as well to keep it in spec. I might supply my own oil so to be sure of quality, but that would be it. 13m is about a once-per-year oil change. And with an 8-qt sump and high end filter on a car well above average price, this is no burden. Our 2005 LexYota requires [3] oil changes in a 13-15,000 mile year. I imagine they'll add up to the same if not a little more than this Crossfires requirements. (Which looks to me like a fun car for a single guy).
Originally posted by Kestas: This is an engine made solely by the Mercedes Group. Some MB dealers have a policy of stocking only fleece filters.
Does "fleece" refer to the filter media or the dealers pricing practices?
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