10w30 to 5w30

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Jul 12, 2004
S Cent Indiana
I have 3 different vehicles using 3 different oils.'94 Corolla[10w30],'97 Ranger[5w30],'03 Ranger[5w20].Do you suppose I could go to 5w30 in the Corolla so I won't have to buy so many different oils?
[Welcome!] The short answer is, without a doubt yes, but if you're looking for a recommendation: What are the condition of these vehicles? What oil are you currently using? How is the consumption? How much do you want to spend on oil? [ August 02, 2004, 02:06 AM: Message edited by: Jelly ]
Why not use 10w30 in both the Ranger and Corolla in warm weather and 5w30 in both during cold weather? If you still want to use one oil for both vehicles all year then yes 5w30 is fine, just keep an eye on the oil level as you may see more oil used between drains.
I would go and locate a Saab dealer and use their real 5w-30 synthetic blend year round in all those cars .It's 2.30 a liter and can justify the cost by running the miles up over what a conventional oil can do . This oil will hang in there summer and winter with it's starting TBN of 11 [Eek!] and is my oil of choice for the Ford engines out of warranty calling for 20wts. It's a stay in grade light 30wt and very similar to the Mobil Super FE Special offered outside the U.S. Mobil Drive Clean Plus " TBN 10 " would be another good choice for these engines . IMO ...... of course [Wink]
Thanks for your advice!By the way,the Corolla has 182,000 and uses maybe 1qt between 5,000 mile oil changes,the'97 Ranger has 33,000 miles on it,and the'03 Ranger has 8,000 on it. Thanks again!!
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