10w30 in an 02 honda civic

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Aug 12, 2003
south texas border
That is what I'm using now. In combination with bosch filter. So far its working well, coming up on 1000 miles planning on 5k oci on this first one, might go to 7k on the next. What filter are you using? (mine is also a 5sp ex) re: the 10/30...just playing with possibilites. You are probably right, if it works don't fix it. I Might think about it again though when temperatures start getting into the 110-115 range in a few months. Well see how the m1 does until then. [Cheers!] thanks. [ January 02, 2004, 01:25 PM: Message edited by: dustyjoe1 ]
I'm not a Honda owner, but a constant 10W-30 user as recommended for my car. Several uoa's indicate that my favorite 10-30 actually becomes a high end 20wt. within a very few miles, even though it is about the highest rated HT/HS out of the bottle and looks great in the specs. (It's a GpIII syn). This makes me wonder if it's really an issue. It really gets hot down there and I know the concern, but since some top quality 10-30's become 20 quickly maybe 20 is ok to begin with.
That is sort of my point. If 30s become 20s, What do 20s become? I think the above suggestion to go with m1 or better synthetic is a prudent one. But I'll run the m1 20 for now. May do a few uoa's down the road to check things out. If I can I'd like to stick with 20s due to better acceleration and mileage.
Running a xW30 oil will do only one thing for your engine...and that is give it more choices of motor oil! Honda has specified everything from 5W20 up to 20W50 in other countries, depending on temperature. I think what is happening is the oil companies are building better and better motor oils, and the car companies have found that a modern 5W20 will hold its grade and perform adequately, with slightly better mileage. Some would argue that the better mileage was the primary goal, with long-term engine wear secondary. Note my choice of words - ADEQUATELY. If I lived in Texas in the summer, I would not hesitate to use a 30 or even 40 weight oil. I wouldn't want to be stuck in traffic with the air conditioning on high, and the outside temp. over 100F. How hot is the oil getting, and more importantly, how THIN??? Is that 1-2% increase in mileage worth having no reserve heat capacity in the oil...???
Originally posted by geeeman: Is that 1-2% increase in mileage worth having no reserve heat capacity in the oil...???
Good point. And what if you do alot of short trip driving where fuel dilution becomes an issue on certain engines?
I personally would use the 10W-30 M-1 in Texas. Mobil 1 is on the thin side. Not a whole lot of difference between a Mobil 30 wt and a 20 wt. I don't know if long term durability is proven with the 20 wt.
I have the same car as you(ex coupe 5 spd) and I would not run a 10w30 unless you have forced induction or your hitting the bottle. These honda engines run great off 5w20(I run it, have no problems), so why not follow manufacturer's recommendations? Btw, the best oil imo for the hondas calling for 5w20 is the mobil 1 ss 0w20 which meets and exceeds all specs for honda and ford. Hope this helps.
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