10w-30 or higher?

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Sep 14, 2002
i have a 91 honda accord and i push it really hard. its a good running car. no problems only oil comsumtion a little at the highest rpms. i was wondering since im using 10w30 should i go higher like 15w-30?> im using mobil drive clean...is there any benifits...160k miles =) thanks
hahah my fault, yea i guess its that grade...ne thing higher. i just want to know if i will benifit from it. 15-50 my uncle said use 25w-30 or something like that, seems kinda high to me. im starting off new cause im doing my auto rx treatment so i want to have like a fresh start you know.
Try out one of the high mileage 10w30s, such as Pennzoil or GTX HM, both of which are formulated on the thicker end of a 30wt, and should reduce consumption without costing an arm and a leg. Or you could try Pennzoil 10w40, which is a thinner 40wt oil.
darn mobil drive clean doesnt come in 10w40....only in 15w30...u think i should try? should i have less wear on the engine?
JohnnyG , If a 45-70 can't get the job done try a : 25-20,32-20,44-40,25-06,30-06 Just remember the first number is for WINTER SHOOTING! [Big Grin] For gear lubes try: 338-06,300-378,338-378 [Roll Eyes] For an all-round,do anything straight-weight I like my 458 !!!!! [Wink] Mark(tongue firmly in cheek) p.s.>Don't forget to add Lube Control & #132 Moly EP! [stretch]
Originally posted by Quick_lude: I think after you clean and flush the muffler bearings with the AutoRX followed by a full drain of the halogen fluid, the Accord will be as good as new! [Cheers!] [Happy]
read my post on the additives forum, my oil filter blew i think and its all over the engine now...inside that is +)
Originally posted by ryansride2017: I've been using that 28W48 stuff and it rocks! [LOL!]
Had an oil analysis on a pump come back with ISO 57 oil in it one time (supposed to be ISO 46). When I asked the greaser to show me the drum of ISO57, as it looked like a great compromise between 46 and 68, he turned a tad red, and the next analysis was spot on 46 again.
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