10w-30 oil in general ...

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Dec 21, 2002
S. Indiana
From reading quite a few posts over time, I think I've noticed that 10w-30 oil doesn't get talked about much. 5w-20, 0w-30, 15w-40, 20w-50, whatever but it seems 10w-30 is just soooo booring that most people have forgotten about it. I've always thought that for summer service in the US 10w-30 works pretty good in just about anything, not too thin, not too thick, not tricked up with a lot of VI improvers, etc. But then maybe that's no longer true and I'm showing my age. What say you?
10w30 is great stuff for warm weather. It has a relatively small spread so needs less improvers. I still prefer 5w30 for DOHC motors due to possibly faster flow at start-up.
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