10k PurePlus 5w-20 Accord

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Nov 12, 2009
My longest run to date! This was PurePlus 5w-20, WIX incorrectly wrote Ultra. In service from 10/9/14 to 5/1/15 or just around 7 months, including the interminable Winter. 1.5 qts make-up oil added. New PCV installed just short of halfway through oci with no discernible short term effect on oil consumption. Typical 60/40 highway/city driving. Commuting 8-16 miles with occasional long highway trips. Engine rarely cold started for trips of less than 2 miles. Even though the report looks good I think I'll settle on a 7500mi OCI so I can change the oil (I enjoy it) at least twice yearly and afford myself some margin for error as the car ages.
Pennzoil Pureplus 5w-20 from Walmart. Not Ultra Pureplus. Not sure how much boron is in the PurePlus add pack. I'm taking these reports with a grain of salt. Forgot to mention the current fill is what remains of my 2nd jug of PurePlus, 3.5 qts, and 1 qt of Shell Syn. Filter was a Purolator PureOne and was changed for the same. Air filter was changed along with oil at ~30k.
Congrad on hitting 150,000 miles. My 03 had just over 140,000 miles (I think 143k miles) before I got my 13. Is that much makeup oil normal for you car? I seldem had to add oil for both my 02 & 13 Accords. But my 13 Accord now seems to need makeup oil after only 3000 miles on the 0w20 Pennzoil PP+ I now have.
1.5 quarts in 10,000 miles is nothing IMO. With a report like that, I'd just stay at 10k OCIs. If it's cold when the OCI is due, wait until spring. From the looks of it, coming off a harsh winter, even a 12k OCI looks easy. 6ppm iron in 10k is ridiculous. Thanks for posting.
P4 Pennzoil Platinum Pure Plus Nice report! I will be shopping for a 10k oil for our KIA after warranty is up and hadn't really considered much other than syns marked Extended but several UOA's have shown up lately suggesting P4 should be considered as well.
Very nice, looks like the oil did its job and the motor is in good shape. Thanks for posting. Ill be sending off for a UOA of the M1 AFE 0w20 in my Accord in about a month. Will post when I get the results.
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10K OCI's provides a fairly large margin for preventive oil changes on this oil. No reason to scale back your OCI's.
I very much agree.
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600+ ppm moly in the Honda genuine full syn? wow!
Yes, this was the previous generation, Idemitsu made Honda full syn oil known for generous amounts of moly, that left me wholly unimpressed. Sopus oils, I like!
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