'10 LS-3 Corvette, Gulftec 5w-30, 5k

'10 Chevy Corvette 6sp Manual No Make-up Oil No Additives Miles on unit-16k Miles on Oil 5k Filter-Fleetguard LF16242 Lots of hard pulls, Summer heat, idling. Blackstone comments: You used a longer run than last time and wear metals are mostly lower. Lead and Tin inched up just 1 ppm, which is hardly enough metal to even mention. These numbers are fantastic after 5,000 miles of oil use so no mechanical problems or poorly wearing parts stand out. Fuel, water, and coolant contamination remained absent, and the air filter did a good job with airborne dirt (see silicon). Low insolubles show the oil filter didn't have a hard time with oxidized solids (insolubles). The TBN read 4.2 - plenty strong since 1.0 or less is low. Excellent report! Previous fill was Castrol Magnatec 5w-30 Green Bottle, only 4k. ALUMINUM 7/8 CHROMIUM 1/2 IRON 23/34 COPPER 61/81 LEAD 1/0 TIN 1/0 MOLYBDENUM 76/70 NICKEL 0/0 MANGANESE 2 /3 SILVER 0/0 TITANIUM 3/25 POTASSIUM 1/1 BORON 92/125 SILICON 14/11 SODIUM 8/10 CALCIUM 1263/1302 MAGNESIUM 572/789 PHOSPHORUS 712/731 ZINC 813/869 BARIUM 0/0 SUS Viscosity @ 210°F 59.7/61.4 cSt Viscosity @ 100°C 10.12/10.6 Flashpoint in °F 415/405 Fuel % < 0.5/ <.05 Antifreeze % 0.0/0.0 Water % 0.0/0.0 Insolubles % 0.2/0.2

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Nice to see the old Gulf name, but these days its just a label bought by a marketing company. I would assume that oil is actually Amalie or Warren (?). GM V8s normally make a lot of iron. I think those numbers are about par for the course. Recommend upgrading to Mobil1 0w40 (cheap at walmart, luckily) for this port injected awesome C6. Higher oil performance, and you could go all the way to the OLM on it and about 20% past with few short trips like you have. Fram Ultra oil filter for sure since it gets to 99% 20 microns.