10-30 heavy duty

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Jun 1, 2002
Would a heavy duty dino oil give the same entended drain intervals as a synthetic? They seem very capable since they are used in the big rigs and a 10-30 would keep the warranty intact. The added bonus would be the cost is less than synthetic. I have yet to hear of a problem using these kind of oils, after all, they are SL rated. I think they could easily handle a 10,000 mile or once a year. These are diesel oils are they not? Any comments are appreciated.
Yes, but the big rigs also have umpteen gallsons of oil in the sump, which relates to less stress on the oil and a constant additive reserve. Without oil analysis, I wouldn't go past 5k on any dino, HD or not.
The heavy duty oils would give an extended oil life compared to auto oil , look at the results from the Schaeffer oils ,but these oils had analysis done on them. Big diesels as well as 10+ gallon sumps have bypass filters to keep the oil cleaner.
OK-I'll bite. What is a "Heavy Duty" oil?? Last time I heard this term was about40 years ago when "MS" (Motor Severe Service) was the latest SAE/API spec. They had at time a "Heavy Duty" oil which I believe was not really "Heavy Duty". I believe it was "Detergent Free" It was intended to be used in small 4 cycle engines (lawnmowers) [Smile] Wow-this is bringing back memories [Happy] [ March 10, 2003, 09:23 PM: Message edited by: Al ]
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