1,000 miles in on new clutch kit...tested it out!

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Aug 6, 2010
I've been really itching to push the car with the new clutch, so finally around 1,000 miles and no trouble with the replacement I went for a nice spirited drive. Got up to around 100 MPH, somewhere around 85-90 in 3rd and into 4th for 100 MPH I noticed some 'white-ish' colored smoke(not a big cloud/plume or anything) coming from the tailpipe. Is that un-burnt fuel or oil slipping past the control rings at that speed?
I doubt it was moisture in the fuel as that would be present even if the OP wasn't beating on the car. White smoke in a healthy engine usually indicates condensation as the engine is warming up. Since the OP is a Bitoger I'd bet it was. smile I'd say it was a little junk being blown out the exhaust, and a bit of oil. 'White-ish' many times has a slight hint of blue which is oil. I'd tell you to get the engine good and hot and try it again, since you've probably blown any junk out of the engine, and that would rule out oil, but that is against the law. no-no
fuel can be whitish, in the case of a leaking injector. I had an Acura Legend that was blowing out white smoke, turned out to be an injector that was leaking badly.
^Wuh? For real? I doubt it, from the tail pipe? It was definitely my exhaust. I think the car maybe had just reached full temp, and I was gunning it in a 70 MPH zone up to 90-100. Punching it from 85-100 is what generated this, since it was soon after rich at start-up I suppose I can buy that it may have been some unburnt fuel. It definitely seemed more white than anything else...
Well, so far no coolant in my UOAs, so if it's headgasket it's not transferring coolant into the oil and if it's a bad head, what other symptoms? I get a random 'hiccup' or ...'skip' at idle at times. Like a slight 'wabble' like feel, but I know Honda's are finicky with the idle. IACV started sticking again recently, it's like 1-2 year thing there. Might just need to get a new one eventually.
UPDATE: Okay, the other day while idling in the drive-way(had just driven 7 miles home after work, sat for like 1 hour?)... I rev the engine to 4,000-then start of the red line around 6,000 RPM or so. My wife noted a white puff of smoke at each punch of the throttle from the tail pipe. Does this indicate more fuel or coolant??? Is it possible coolant is being consumed but not mixing with the oil?
It could be coolant, but if you're not losing coolant, then it's probably not a concern. If it's not using oil either, then it's probably just steam or a little bit of fuel. What was the outside temp?
Around 50 degrees, it consumes some oil(about 1 quart per 3,000 miles) and it lost the 1 pint of coolant that I put in the coolant reservoir last March, it loses some via the weep hole at the timing belt cover BUT the manual specifically states this to be normal. My UOA don't show coolant, at least definitely, I believe I may have a small coolant leak at my thermostat housing, but don't smell anti-freeze while driving nor do I see a stain on the driveway where I park.
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