0w20 oil?

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Jan 13, 2003
Morgantown, WV
Hey guys, who sells a 0w20 in the US, and any ideas where I could find it? Friend of mine has one of those Honda Insights, is tired of paying Honda for the oil. Synthetic might be nice. Cheers, 3MP
Beginning next month, Mobil 1 will be out in 0w20. You can read the specs here. As far as I know, this will be the first 0w20 on the US market, except for Honda's own brand.
Originally posted by dragboat:
Originally posted by rugerman1: 3MP , Synergyn makes a 0W-20. Search their website. Mark
Ditto ! [Wink]

My post was based on OTC oils! [Big Grin]
3MP, I'd run the M1, 0w-30 instead ...the cold temp flow properties are significantly better than the new 0w-20, which is actually close to being a 5w-20. The HT/HS viscosity is also 2.9 Cp, vs only 2.6 Cp for the 0w-20. I think Mobil has quite a markup on this 0w-20 - it looks like a thicker basestock than their 0w-30, but with no VI modifier added. The M1, 0w-30 will shear down to a 0w-20 after 5000 miles in that Honda engine, so oil analysis will indicate its a 20wt oil. I normally recommend a 0w-30 synthetic for these 5w-20 applications, since it "brackets" the low/high temp properties of the 5w-20. Even though Amsoil specifically makes a 5w-20 synthetic, I'd run their Series 2000, 0w-30 stuff in Ford/Honda/Mazda engines calling for 5w-20. TooSlick
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