0w-20 (M-1 or GTMO?) 2017 Tacoma TRD V6

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Feb 28, 2017
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2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road (3.5L v6, 4x4) with Manual Trans. Notes: - ~4 months / 6,000 miles on this oil - No off-roading or towing. Mileage is ~70/30 Hwy/City but the city mileage pretty bad stop-and-go. - This is the 4th oil and filter change. - Big unknown: I had assumed the dealer would use Genuine Toyota Motor Oil, BUT when I stopped by there a few days later to pick up a part, I noticed thru the parts window big stack of cases of Mobil-1 0w-20. No way to know for sure I guess but I strongly suspect my local Toyota dealer is using M-1 vs. GTMO. No way to know for sure I guess... I'll post back @ ~20k and see how this Motul does.
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Why not ask the dealer to tell you what oil they used, and how long have they been using it? You might get lucky and get a straight up answer, maybe...... Either way I wouldn't worry the report is good.
If the dealer is using M1 AFE then they're using the superior oil. No reason to prefer TGMO.
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That is not M1 0W-20.
+1. M1 will have Moly in the 70-80 range.
Looks like Mobil Super 0w20 to me. My local Toyota dealer uses the Toyota Genuine 0w20 for the "complimentary services" on new vehicles, and Mobil Super 0w20 for everything thereafter unless a customer specifically requests TGMO (which adds like $15 to the service).
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