08 SLK280 Intake Manifold


Aug 21, 2016
Kids car threw the P2006 intake actuator stuck closed. Did a search and found the plastic design flaw that breaks off, shined a flashlight down in the front of the motor and saw it was broken. Took it to the mechanic and dropped it off as it was scheduled for new front struts. Talked to him about the intake, he looked at it and said sure he could fix it. Got the intake manifold gasket, new upgraded metal part and was hoping for the best. Got a call this morning and went down for the bad news. He said someone had it apart already and he was surprised it was even running as nothing was tight. He was able to pull all the intake bolts by hand. When they had it apart before they broke other parts off it and just slapped it back together. Ugh. Repairs to the old intake would be within a couple hundred bucks of a new one or replace with a new one. New one ordered and be here next week. Kid just purchased this SLK a few months ago online and hopefully no more issues. Was purchased online and out of state, dealership had lost the title and while waiting for a duplicate it sat for 2 months in the garage.