08 Lexus LS460 - QS 5W20 Ult. Durabilty - 6k miles

BC Canada
Let me start by saying that I'm on a work computer which limits what and how I post here. Hence, the formatting which may not conform to BITOG standards. My first post here at BITOG in about 8 years. I appreciate any feedback you folks can give me on this first sample of my new-to-me Lexus with 122,000kms (80k miles or so). Prior to my QS oil change, this car was serviced at Lexus with Toyota 5W20 oil since delivery by the previous owner. I put 6000 miles on this oil. What concerns me is the Sodium number. There is no obvious signs of internal coolant issue on the car (sludge, smoke etc). There IS a significant coolant leak at the water pump which I'm repairing later this week. Also, I did add 3 qts of top-up oil during the 6k miles. Keep in mind that this vehicle has a 9.1 qt sump.
We're not seeing any mechanical factors for the oil loss here, but remember: make-up oil can dilute the oil and that might be hiding a mechanical problem if one exists. Assuming that's not the case though (because metals do look good).

Sodium was a bit elevated and it a marker for coolant, but it's probably just residual additive from a previous oil. No fuel or moisture was found. We're not entirely sure where the oil's going. Any smoke from the exhaust or spots on the ground? 

                 Unit/Location Avg                  Universal  Averages               
ALUMINUM              3                                      3
CHROMIUM              0                                      0
IRON                  9                                      7
COPPER                1                                      2
LEAD                  0                                      0
TIN                   0                                      0
MOLYBDENUM            159                                    115
NICKEL                0                                      0
MANGANESE             0                                      1
SILVER                0                                      0
TITANIUM              4                                      1
POTASSIUM             6                                      2
BORON                 18                                     25
SILICON               7                                      14
SODIUM                85                                     54
CALCIUM               2171                                   2124
MAGNESIUM             9                                      161
PHOSPHORUS            7                                      679
ZINC                  38                                     809
BARIUM                0                                      0

                                       Should Be*

SUS Viscosity @ 210°F      51.6          46-57      
cSt Viscosity @ 100°C      7.7           6.0-9.7
Flashpoint in °F           430           >355           
Fuel %                     <.5           <2.0                 
Antifreeze %               0             0
Water %                    0             <0.1
Insolubles %               .2            <.6
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I feel sorry for you man. I go roughly 7-7.5k on a synthetic change but only 4.5 quarts. Uses roughly 1/4th a quart during the OCI. Do you do all city driving?
What oil did you use for topping it up? Seems to be using enough oil. 3 quarts seems like a decent amount of use..some oils use sodium in their add pkg..thus is why i ask wat type of top up. Valvoline uses sodium in their add pkg..otherwise could be coolant/head gasket?Fix your current leaking water pump and run fresh oil and see what you see after another 6k miles. Ps. Change put the PCV valve at same time as oil change and see if it reduces consumption. What is the recommended interval for oil changes? I believe its less than 6k miles for that car, so you may want to use a better oil or reduce the oil change intervals.
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What oil did you use before this fill? If it was a Castrol, Mobil or Valvoline product - that's your answer.