08 civic Si K20z3 motor 100k miles - Need advice

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Dec 6, 2014
indio, ca
Hey guys, Im new to the forum. I was aware of this forum a couple years back on a oil related topic on the 8th gen civic forums and heard about this site their.

Anyways let me give you a run down on what i got going on...I drive a SI as from the title of the thread. I just hit the 100k mark after 6 six years going on 7 in February.

I been searching on this site for the past couple days on oil recommendations and i see a lot people using different oils. What i have used in the past or when the car was brand new, I used Motul 300v 5w-30, Torco SR-1 5w-30 and because of the cost of those oils becoming to expensive, i now use M1 EP or Castrol edge 5w-30. I use 5w-30 in the fall/winter and when temps start to get hot since i live in southern california, i run a 10w-30, not sure if that is productive in the sense of keeping the engine running smooth. I have heard that running 10w-30 outside of MM specs is not needed.

What i am looking for is a better oil than M1 or Castrol if possible, i am considering using the Pennzoil Platinum which i have never used any Pennzoil in the past. Maybe another type of castrol, i see some refer to castrol as German castrol, which i havent seen or maybe i have and just not notice it. Maybe even RP HPS, not sure if RP is any good.

I see some others use motul 8100 series oil but their are a few different types of that 8100 series. Not sure which 8100 series oil is good to use or which is better.

Also even considering using Oem Honda Full Synthetic oil.

My purpose or reasoning for writing is because now with the car hitting 100k, i want to extend the life of the motor as long as possible and want some input on good oils to use.

I do drive a bit rough and i would like something that does not break down so fast or if that is even a thing that happens. Something i have done in the past is added oil maybe a month before an oil change when needed, no specific reason. I just notice that right before an oil is about to happen, i see the engine take about .5-1qt oil.

But my driving habits are not conservative, i like to rev the car high and take to Vtec whenever possible.

Any recommendations on oil that will help protect my engine a bit more than previous that i have mentioned?

Thank you
I think pennzoil platinum or ultra platinum would be fine. I too was anti pennzoil till I used it. It's a great oil. If you are worried about wear and tear then mate it with a half can of liquimoly mos2. Its great for older cars and I seem to get good results from using it. It's your car but I vote pennzoil synthetic or quaker state synthetic.
You would want to check this topic

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If you like VTEC then the bast oil you could use to protect the K20 is Redline.

just any redline?
I'd stick with the recommended viscosity if it were my car.
For a more educated guess Dave at Redline will tell you what he thinks is best.

You mentioned wanting to use 0w30 or 0w40 - Redline make both those viscosities, but having never owned a k series engined car I can't say for definite what you should use..
I would stick to the recommended spec of 5w30 year round in whatever oil you like. Either syn or conventional will provide excellent protection provided a correct OCI is implemented.
Unless you are tracking the car weekly, your spirited driving is pretty much what many people do in daily driving.

Cheers and welcome to the bloodbath!
Nothing is wrong with what you are using either. 'Better' is really such a subjective term around here. This is a street car.

M1 likes to get bashed on the intertubes but that tends to happen when you are one of the top companies in anything.

My B18C5 loved its regular M1 for 145K (and a few track days a year) until I sold it.

Its best IMHO to stick with a 30w, monitor consumption (older hondas can consume a tad), and just change regularly. M1, PP, PU, Castrol will all do you just fine.

No reason to run a 40w. If you want to be a bit more analytical about it, run 3-4 5K OCIs on brand 1, then brand 2 and compare/contrast the trending to see if one blend works better in *your* car. Odds are all of the above will perform pretty well and the differences will be negligible.

- b
The Mobil 1 and Castrol Edge 5w30 you are using are both really good oils.

Since you do not go to the track, you are just doing a little spirited driving. Those two oils you use will hold up fine in your daily driver.

There probably is not a "better" oil out there that will give you any "better" protection. Just keep changing the oil at a reasonable interval and your engine will be just fine on those two oils you currently use/mention
This is going to sound very un-BITOG like:

None of this stuff matters... it is 99.9% teeth gnashing, hand wringing and pontification.

IMO - Use a name brand oil that meets the vehicle manufacturers specifications (or carries the specified approval) and change it at the specified intervals and the engine will outlast the rest of the car.

This car has a maintenance minder right? - follow it.

More specifically:

What aspect of the current oils performance are you unhappy with, or hoping to improve upon?

Are there any known oil related issues with this engine or vehicle (For example: VCM on Honda Pilot)? - I am not aware of any.

Is there any usage pattern that is really outside the typical (For example: VERY short trips, track use, very low or high temps)

All of that is just a really long way of saying: " I agree with Roob, bvl, and toneydoc."
Thanks guys

Ya when i started reading threads on this forum but dated a couple years back, i see lots of people using different brands. One bashing the other for whatever reason.

Coming from using motul and torco, i felt i was doing my car no service by putting in "cheaper" oil.

Only reason why i asked about the 5w-30 to 0w, i read another post and it mentioning that you could run a 0w during the winter. I live the desert and our winters/fall is very short. We have more summer than winter. During the summer i usually run a 10w because of how hot it gets out here. I am talking about 110-120 degrees days.
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