07 Chevy DMax Mobil Delvac 1300 15w-40 8173 miles

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Oct 21, 2004
Mobil Delvac 1300 CJ-4 doing a good job. Oil Guard bypass also installed.

Any chance you could type it out? I can't get the document to reveal.

Still running 10w-30, or did you switch to 15w-40?
Hey Dave, I typed it out for you below. No, I only ran the Rotella T 10W-30 one interval. I wanted to run it once to see if I could tell a measurable difference in fuel mileage, in which I didn't.

Mobil was running the $3 rebate per jug at the time, I was due to dump the Rotella, plus I had seen too many great UOA's from the Delvac 1300 that I decided to give it a whirl. I think I've finally found an oil that I can stick with. Mobil also ran the $3 per jug rebate so I bought more. I have enough to last me through 100K miles as it is

8,173 Miles on sample, 1 quart of makeup. 40,573 miles on truck. Oil, nor the filters were changed.

Iron 11
Chromium 0
Nickel 0
Aluminum 1
Copper 4
Lead 0
Tin 1
Cadmium 0
Silver 0
Vanadium 0
Silicon 6
Sodium 4
Potassium 5
Titanium 0
Molybdenum 46
Antimony 1
Manganese 0
Lithium 0
Boron 34
Magnesium 695
Calcium 1372
Barium 0
Phosphorus 902
Zinc 1195

Fuel Soot Water Visc 100 cSt 14.6
TBN 8.30
Oxid 12
Nitr 14
Seems like we're in a parrallel universe. I like the CJ-4 10w-30 Rotella so far. But, I also got some Delvac 1300 on sale last fall; $7/gallon after the rebate! I couldn't pass that up. The UOAs over at DP have admittedly been impressive.

Anyway, the UOA you posted is very nice. How far do you expect to be able to run an OCI? IIRC, the TBN starts around 10.5 on the Delvac, and you're down to 8.3, so you ought to be able to easily double or tripple the 8k miles on the sample?
I'm intending to resample at the 16K mark and will go from there...I can easily see 20K out of the interval barring outside contamination.
I'd love to see some good data from consequitve UOAs on the same load of oil, as far as you feel comfortable taking it. 20k miles seems very doable at this point; probably more?


Side rant!

Or, you could be like this guy from over at DP ... (note: I'll with-hold his name, to protect the innocent, but you can find his post over there).

"I too am a maintenance nut. I still change my oil and filter's every 3K miles regardless of the DIC and I use synthetic oil. I figure it's the cheapest insurance I can buy to protect my engines internals. I read several posts regarding hose fitting leakage with the Amsoil bypass system, but mine has been on for almost two years and no leaks yet. I also liked the ease of installation with the billet adapters. I was able to locate it in a spot where I can just reach under the truck in front of the driver's door to change it. Back in the 60's I used to have the Frantz toilet paper bypass filter. I was a dealer and installed quite a few. It sure kept the oil clean (color wise), but it was a pain to change and I couldn't re-use the T.P."

Holy Cow! Amsoil synthetic oil, Amsoil EaO filter, Amsoil EaBP filter, and OCI's every 3k miles! Absolutely insane.
I'm supprised he doesn't UOA every 1k miles to make sure all is well.

OTOH, I'll give him credit for honesty; he realizes it's a waste, but he's just OCD about oil changes.
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Ark, very nice UOA...and Dave, now knowing what I know, I TOTALLY agree with you on this one. There was also another member over at DP who referred to us as "snake oil" guys with our longer OCI's and went on a rant how NO oil is made to go more than 5k miles.
Yeah, ok..........oh well.
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Delvac does seem to pruduce some fantastic uoa's...I like it's relative from the North, myself. Esso. (Which of course is ExxonMobil anyways)
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Always been a Rotella man, myself. Probably out of brand biggotry more than anything else. It's just so prevelant in my area (midwest).

But I have broadened my horizons, so to speak, over the last several years. Still like Rotella; got gallons of it in the garage. But I've come to learn that for short to moderate OCIs, any quality brand (Delo, Delvac, Rotella, Premium Blue, Tection Extra, etc) will do just fine.

Now I buy the "bargins"; brand names I find on sale with rebates, or inventory close-outs. Same great oils, and my penny-pinching attitude!

Arka's UOA just goes to show a few things.
1) bypass filtration doesn't require synthetic fluids
2) Delvac rocks as much as any other brand
3) CJ-4 doesn't suck as bad as some say, when used with ULSD
4) bypass also doesn't provide a HUGE impact until higher mileage

Point #4 is something I've professed for some time, but few believe me. How much better is this UOA over a similar one with Delvac 1300 and no bypass, posted over at DP? Not really any better. But, as the miles keep stacking up, the advantage is that Arka can run this out for 20k+ miles! That is the true advantage of bypass; fluid longevity!
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I didn't post this on TDP because there are too many mouth breathers in the maintenance & fluid section over there. I guess I'm an oil & filtration snob
.......you said "mouth breathers"......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
.....sigh, good times.

Yup, it's a "challenge" over there, to say the least.

I'd rather be counted with the "snobs", in this regard.
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I've had to learn to breathe through the nose, because 1/2 the time my foot's in my mouth ...
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Me too... dnewton3, I am enjoying your posts on the DP about By-Pass Filtration. I guess the guys don't realized that diesel oil is made to suspend the soot and still function as a lubricant...

Oh well, sorry to hijack the thread...
Great UOA, once ma free oil changes at dealership runs out, first delvac and then rotella
I too stashed up on delvac when it was 6.xx a gallons.

dave, i read the 3k synthetic oil changes post at dp, he minds me of my FIL, he has a volvo 960, monster sump, back in the day on when wally had cheap oil changes, I took it over there and did a M1 oil change and instructed my FIL that you wont need a change till same time next year, (he only drives 4k mile max a year).
few months later we were eating a brunch place and he proudly announced that he the oil changed! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....
I hear you, man, I hear you.


Back on topic - great UOA Arka. Keep running that same sump and make us all proud!
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