'06 Nissan Xterra/500 miles - want to use

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Jun 28, 2005
synthetic automatic transmission fluid. When is it appropriate or okay to change to synethic? I'm assuming the transmission has a breaking in point as well as the engine? It's been quite a while since we bought a brand, brand new vehicle and I'm sure there have been many advancements.
Yeah..do yourself a favor and avoid warranty entanglements with Nissan....I'm big on doing my own maintenance (engine oil changes, tire rotations, etc) but when it comes to transmissions and cooling systems, I let the dealership do it, with whatever products they recommend. This is my 3rd Nissan, and believe me, they will try to wiggle out of warranty work by any means possible...including voiding your transmission warranty because of non-recommended fluid use. I've heard mixed reviews on synthetic trans fluid, and as much as I believe in synth engine oil, I'll be sticking with Genuine Nissan products in my 06 Frontier's transmission.
Ramblin?!?! A new purchase?? CONGRATS! I wouldn't worry about swapping out the ATF too early. Maybe around 10Kmi. Hopefully the Xterra's have a trans drain plug AND a dipstick (woohoo!) like the rest do. I ran plain old merc/dexIII universal in my 2001 sentra, but that spec'd nissan matic-D (IIRC). Manual did state Dexron III could be used if no matic D was avail. Joel
You had better stick with the Nissan matic-J fluid. If they find out you used anything else your warranty will be voided.
Ok, ok, yeah, I don't want any warranty issues, and I've never owned a Nissan before, thus never dealt with their system - so I'll take everyones suggestions. Thank you, I will keep what's in there now, and change out in a year - 8-10k miles or so.
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