06 Honda Accord / Mcraft 5w20 blend / 4k miles

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Apr 25, 2009
Here's the UOA for the wifes car using same oil and filter and similar type of miles as my F150. It's interesting to see that the Honda is better on the oil than the F150. Blackstone Report: No problems showed up in this initial sample from your Honda engine. All wear read right around averages for this type of engine, which is a very good indication of normal wearing parts. The universal averages show normal wear from the Honda 2.4L after about 6100 miles on the oil. Insolubles were low at 0.2%, showing excellent oil filtration. No fuel dilution or anti-freeze was found. Silicon was okay at 12 ppm, so your air filtration is still getting the job done. The TBN read 3.8, still active additive left. This engine is doing very well. Try 5000 miles next.
2006 Honda Accord 2.4L
OIL Motorcraft blend 5w20               
Filer: Pure1
MILES IN USE    4065     
MILES          25,315   
SAMPLE TAKEN    5/29/07   

ALUMINUM        3                
CHROMIUM        0                
IRON            5              
COPPER          4             
LEAD            0             
TIN             1              
MOLYBDENUM      35           
NICKEL          0              
MANGANESE       0             
SILVER          0              
TITANIUM        0            
POTASSIUM       0              
BORON           194              
SILICON         12               
SODIUM          3            
CALCIUM         1949         
MAGNESIUM       7            
PHOSPHORUS      687            
ZINC            822          
BARIUM          0        
INSOLUBLES      0.2            
WATER           0               
FLASHPOINT ºF   375            
SUS VIS 210ºF   49.1          
cSt @ 212ºF     n/a    
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