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Nov 12, 2005
I have a ram 2006 v6 and the oil on the dip stick with the factory fill is about 1/2 inch above the full mark.My question is sense it came this way from factory ,when I change the oil should I keep it at the same level?
It's cool for now. If it isn't foamy/milky but rather clear and clean, you won't have a problem. When you start doing your own OCI stop adding oil at the fourth quart (assuming your truck takes 5), check the level and add to the fill. When you start the car, it'll go down after the filter fills. Add til TO the full mark, but not beyond. Keep track of what it took including to fill the filter, and you'll know to the last drop what it takes.

Mine's weird, takes 3.6 quarts with the dixie-cup sized filter, PL14459, but 4 quarts on the nose with the larger 24458 Puro. When I go PL14619, it'll take 4.5 quarts. A little over doesn't hurt, barring foaming. Can't have that..

I understand what you are saying. I will do that on my change coming up. Kinda weird though the factory shows over full.
The dipstick reading may very this may due to your truck is not 100% level, the oil temp, this being said if it is really a 1/2 an inch up this seems to be a big boo boo from the factory.

I have a ram 2006 v6 and the oil on the dip stick with the factory fill is about 1/2 inch above the full mark.My question is sense it came this way from factory ,when I change the oil should I keep it at the same level?

Was the vehicle level & did you check it at a minimum of two hours after shutdown? That's when you get the most precise measurement -- other than a longer shutdown-still.

If it's correct & it won't let you sleep,
then loosen the drain plug just enough to create a drip until a half-quart is removed.
Dipsticks have been known to be wrong over the years. Look in your owner manual and see what it says the oil capacity is suppose to be with a filter change. Do your oil and filter change and install the amount of oil it states in the owners manual. Start the engine and check for leaks. Shut it down and let it sit for a couple of hours. As mentioned, be sure you are on a level surface. If the level is on the full mark then the factory messed up. If it's not on the full mark, remark the dipstick and use that mark from now on.
Well I drained some out and got it within 3/8 of the mark.I have it on level concreteand it calls for 5qt.Guess it is one you don't go by the book on.thanks for the help.
I have a Dodge 4.7 and it always reads above full when you put the correct six quarts in. I even use an oversize filter on it. On the Mobil 5000, you may find Havoline a bit cheaper.
My wife's 4.7 Durango reads exactly at the full mark with 6 quarts of oil and a new filter, so I guess there is a little variation with the dipsticks. If yours calls for 5 quarts, then add the 5 quarts, new filter and see where the oil level is. Then make a mental note (or scratch on the dipstick). BTW what kind of gas mileage are you getting with your new Dodge? I have a 2001 Ram, 3.9 V-6 and 5 speed manual trans and it gets an average of 19 mpg. Best ever 21 and worst 16, but that was towing the boat and all city miles. The 3.7 is based on the 4.7, which is a very good engine.
I have a auto and it is getting anywhere from 17-19 city to 17-20hwy.It runs really good and they made some nice improvments on the 06.
I think they use the same stick on the 4.7 and 3.7.The 4.7 takes 6qt and the 3.7 holds 5qts.Below the yellow T handle is a Oring about 1/2 inch down ,If I insert it in the tube and stop at the Oring it showes level full but if I push it all the way down to let it snap completly closed it regesters 1/2 inch above full.
My '01 Durango 4.7 reads right on the full mark with 6 quarts in it. It does however, take forever to drain all back down into the pan. If I take a reading when it's just shut off, it's about halfway between full and add. Leave it sit for an hour or so, then check it, and it's right on the mark.

BTW, my dad just bought an '06 Ram 1500 QC 4x4 this weekend. Very nice truck. He got the 4.7L V8 with the FFV option, since E85 is so cheap here compared to gasoline.
Mark the dipstick. They aren't a precision item. Scratch a line at the full mark after OFL and driving it 15", then sitting overnight on level ground. Any oil between that and factory mark is FULL.
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