'05 LLY Duramax @ 161k

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Mar 10, 2010
San Luis Obispo, CA
Mileage is 30% in-town, 10% unloaded highway, 60% towing highway. Tow miles are either with a 4000lb flatbed or a 9000lb enclosed, mostly with the big enclosed. Thoughts on the wear? Truck has 175k on it now, with 5k on current oil. I am going to change the air filter and the oil and send another sample before my trip this weekend.
Not a bad UOA for a hard worked diesel and a long OCI on conventional oil. I think you might have pushed this OCI a little farther than you should have. The oil is thickened a bit, 16.02 viscosity, new oil is 15.5) possibly due to oxidation byproducts and that's a sign that you got your full use of the oil. Iron is high but considering the miles, maybe not so much. The universal averages are around 2ppm/1000 miles and you are more than double that. Possibly a sign of the hard work and maybe pushing the OCI too far. Same for the aluminum... but aluminum shows up more on a hard worked truck.
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