'05 4runner gas requirements

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May 23, 2004
im interested in getting an '05 4runner sr5 with the v8, which requires 91+ octane according to the manual. however the salesman insists 87 octane would work just fine. my instincts tell me to trust the manual, but maybe the salesman knows something i dont. anyone know?
91 octane is required for "best performance", ie if you want the full 270 hp or whatever they advertise. The car will run fine on lower octane gas (the computer will adjust spark timing and stuff), it just won't produce the same amount of power. Opinions differ on whether or not lower octane will lead to increased deposits and whatnot.

Note, since the engine isn't producing quite as much power, you may need a slightly higher throttle position to maintain a given speed - ie, any money saved by cheaper gas may get spent by higher throttles.

IMHO, if you can afford a $30k or whatever car, you better be able to afford a couple extra bucks per tank of gas!

I have an 06 4Runner with 6,500 miles on it so far. I have never yet put anyting other than the least expensive gas in this vehicle (87 octane). It runs just fine. At 6,500 miles I have a 23.1 MPG average since the moment I picked the car up from the dealer at 12 miles.

In my previous 4Runner (1996) I did similarly, it is over 130,000 and still runing like a top (loaned out to college age son.)
Many vehicles will state that you can use fuel with octane ratings from 87 to 91+, with a decrease in power resulting from using lower octane fuel. But since your manual requires 91 octane, I'd use that. Auto salespeople usually know very little about the vehicles they are selling. Trust your owner's manual, not them.
I had a 2000 Maxima and when gas prices hit 1.75 for 93(yeah remember when we thought THAT was lot for a gallon of gas)
I started putting in 87...well that didn't last long as the 3.0 VQ started pinging like nobodys business.

Anyone know if the 95-99 Maximas also require 91 or higher? Would not mind picking up a used one...great cars(and engine)

"IMHO, if you can afford a $30k or whatever car, you better be able to afford a couple extra bucks per tank of gas!"

believe me, i agree 100%. i always abide by what the manual states in terms of gas required. my dad was thinking about getting one and wasnt sure whether to believe the salesman or manual
Blue_Goose, all the VQ-engined Maximas recommend 91 octane. (I loved my '95, but needed 4WD so I got a QX4 with a slightly larger VQ!) I'm sure plenty of folks run them on 87 their entire lives, but I like to get all the ponies I paid for so I always run premium (now with FP).
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